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Item# zotz

Product Description

Tom Posten finds the ZOTZ! coin, and discovers its awesome powers. He attempts to make the secret available to the US government, but is brushed off as a lunatic. Tom has some fun with the power of Zotz. The discovery becomes the interest of foreign agents, who attempt to steal the secret any way they can. Tom is captured, then escapes and is pursued. At the conclusion the coin is lost, our government realizes its error, and at the end of the movie is engaged in a massive search for the coin.

STARRING: Tom Poston ... Prof. John Jones Julia Meade ... Prof. Virginia Fenster Jim Backus ... Prof. Horatio Kellgore Fred Clark ... Gen. Bullivar Cecil Kellaway ... Dean Joshua Updike Zeme North ... Cynthia Jones Margaret Dumont ... Persephone Updike James Millhollin ... Dr. R.A. Kroner Carl Don ... Josh Bates Mike Mazurki ... Igor

Runtime: 87 min Country: USA Language: English Color: Black and White Year: 1962