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Zontar: Thing From Venus / The Eye Creatures Two Disc

Zontar: Thing From Venus / The Eye Creatures  Two Disc
Item# zontar-thing-from-venus--the-eye-creatures

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Zontar, the Thing from Venus opens at the Zone 6 space command center, where personnel are preparing for the launch of a revolutionary new laser communications satellite. As he nervously watches the preparations for the launch, program chief Dr. Curt Taylor (John Agar) is informed that his old friend and colleague Dr. Keith Ritchie (Anthony Houston) is outside demanding to see him. In a contentious face-to-face argument, Keith demands that the launch of the satellite be cancelled, saying that it is a threat to humanity. It is his belief that alien intelligences are monitoring Earth's scientific and cultural development, and that launching the satellite will be a dangerous provocation. As they debate the final countdown begins and the rocket carrying the satellite is launched. Curt smugly tells his friend that the problem has become academic. The Eye Creatures (also known as Attack of the Eye Creatures, or Attack of the The Eye Creatures from a production error) is a 1965 science-fiction film about an invasion of an unnamed American countryside by a flying saucer and its silent, shambling alien occupants. While the military ineptly attempts to stop the invasion, a group of young people, whose reports to the local police are dismissed as pranks or wild imagination, struggles to defend themselves against the menacing monsters.