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Zombie Bloodbath Trilogy 2 Disc

Zombie Bloodbath Trilogy 2 Disc
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An accident at the nuclear power plant unleashes a horde of bloodthirsty zombies on an unsuspecting town, leaving a small group of survivors to fend for themselves. BLOODBATH can best be described as a zero-budget fan film in the vein of J.R. Bookwalter's THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, and it comes as no surprise when director Todd Sheets references Bookwalter among each of his other genre favorites in the character credits. Where Bookwalter made every attempt at creating something unique through his Zombie Squad and ambitious FX, Sheets only manages to muster a growing tedium that is broken up by moments of uninspired gore consisting of nothing more than store-bought pig intestines. Actors: Chris Harris, Auggi Alvarez, Frank Dunlay, Jerry Angell, Cathy Metz Run Time: 340 minutes