RARE Horror and Science Fiction Thrillers


Item# witchtrap

Product Description

An old mansion on a seclude spot of prime real estate is inherited by a man from his long deceased uncle who died brutally on the premises. The man wants to open the place as a bed and breakfast, but it is possessed by the sadistic ghost of his late uncle who kills all that enter in assorted gruesome ways. A paranormal researcher is hired to photograph and exorcise the ghost so she brings in a team of experts consisting of a mental medium, psychic medium, video-tech and three rent-a-cops for protection. Things don't go as planned as the bloodthirsty warlock is up to his old tricks and uses his diabolical powers to kill again. James W. Quinn ... Tony Vincenti Kathleen Bailey ... Whitney O'Shea Judy Tatum ... Agnes Goldberg Rob Zapple ... Felix Goldberg Jack W. Thompson ... Murray Clyde Talley II ... Leon Jackson Hal Havins ... Elvin Country: USA Language: English Year:1989