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Valley of the Dragons W.S

Valley of the Dragons   W.S
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Algeria 1881. Two men, Michael Denning and Hector Servadac are having a duel with one another when a comet passes the earth at low altitude. The strong wind this creates transports the two men to the moon. They find themselves in a jungle inhabited by reptiles and prehistoric humans. They have a difficult time before they manage to adapt to the dangers, but eventually they each find a girl to spend time with, awaiting the next return of the comet to take them back to Earth. Cesare Danova Cesare Danova ... Hector Servadac Sean McClory Sean McClory ... Michael Denning Joan Staley Joan Staley ... Deena Danielle De Metz Danielle De Metz ... Nateeta Gregg Martell Gregg Martell ... Od-Loo Country: USA Language: English Year:1961