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Uninvited W/S

Uninvited     W/S
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On a cold, eerie evening, on a barren, wind-swept mountainside, a leathery, evil man named Grady brings eight people to their destiny. A priest looking for the money to build a church hides a dark past, a young married couple looking for the wealth to start a life together, a prostitute searching for a way out of her present, - they all share one thing - a desire for the gold that is buried deep in the mountain. What they find instead is a terrifying horror and a powerful greed that leads them into a descent into the maelstrom of their existences.

Jack Elam ... Grady Christopher Boyer ... Jackson Bari Buckner ... Emma Jerry Rector ... Winchester Zane Paolo ... Billy Ray Dennis Gibbs ... Charley Ted Haler ... The Priest Eno Brutto ... Colorado Runtime:90 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1993