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Uncle Was A Vampire / Horror Express

Uncle Was A Vampire / Horror Express
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Uncle Was A Vampire-1959-black and white-English dubbed-comedy-horror. Set in Italy, funny man Renato Rascel plays Osvaldo, a man forced to sell his ancestral castle and work in it as a bell boy when it's converted into a hotel. Enter his mysterious uncle, played by Christopher Lee, who is looking to stay in Osvaldo's crypt. When Uncle learns that the crypt has been turned into a hotel bar, he goes in search of blood. Osvaldo concludes that his uncle is a vampire and must be destroyed. However Uncle bites Osvaldo first, and of course Osvaldo becomes a vampire who bites a bevy of pretty hotel guests. Will Osvaldo be able to break the vampire's curse? And how will he explain why the female guests are suddenly infatuated with him? Horror Express-1972-color-Set in China in 1906, Christopher Lee plays an anthropologist whom discovers a frozen prehistoric missing link. He decides to transport the creature back to Europe by passenger rail. Once on the train, strange things begin to happen and passengers are killed off one by one. All of the victims eyes turn pure white. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee soon deduce that the frozen creature is somehow still alive and of an alien nature. The alien absorbs all the knowledge of its victims as they are killed. Can it be destroyed?