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Transylvania 6-5000

Transylvania 6-5000
Item# transylvania-65000

Product Description

Jack Harrison [Jeff Goldblum] and Gill Turner [Ed Begley, Jr] work for The Sensation, a tabloid magazine which has just received evidence that the Frankenstein monster still exists in Transylvania. Consequently, Jack and Gill go to investigate, much to the chagrin of Jack who does not believe in such irresponsible journalism. Transylvania is not what they expect, however. More like downtown Cedarburg, Transylvania has a powerplant, new skyscraper (6 stories high) and, whenever Gill asks anyone about Frankenstein, the locals break into hysterical laughter. The castle has become a theme hotel, repleat with an American Express sign on the door, a telephone that plays Transylvania 6-5000, idiot butler Fejos [Michael Richards], and a hunchback servant Radu [John Byner] and his hunchback wife Lupe [Carol Cane].

Jeff Goldblum ... Jack Harrison

Joseph Bologna ... Dr. Malavaqua

Ed Begley Jr. ... Gil Turner

Carol Kane ... Lupi

Jeffrey Jones ... Lepescu John Byner ... Radu

Geena Davis ... Odette

Michael Richards ... Fejos Country Yugoslavia | USA Language: English Year:1985