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Item# tomb-of-torture--widescreen

Product Description

Two girls decide to explore to mysterious castle where, unbeknownst to them, a hideous madman lurks about. While exploring they come across a picture of Countess Irene (Annie Alberti), who disappeared 20 years ago without a trace. It happened just before her wedding to Raman, who still searches for her to this day. Before the two can continue on in their exploration they are discovered by the castle's owner, Countess Elizabeth (Flora Carosello), and are told to leave immediately. They try only to find that they're locked in. Before they can find a way out they are attacked by the madman and brought into the tomb of torture. The next day the dead bodies of the two girls are discovered on the side of the road.

Runtime: 88 min Country: Italy Language: Italian Color: Black and White Year: 1963