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The Time Travelers

The Time Travelers
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In 1976, there's an outbreak of a disease that no one has seen before. All what they know is that rsembles a disease that existed at around 1871, and that a Dr. Henderson was able to save most of his patients but the Chicago Fire destroyed his records. Dr. Earnshaw the doctor looking for a cure was approached by a man, Jeffrey Adams, who believes that he could help him. It seems that a Dr. Amos Cummings has prefected the art of time travel, and the plan is for Earnshaw and Adams to go back to 1871 and learn how Henderson cured his patients. But a glitch in the machines computers sends them the day before the fire not four days as intended. Sam Groom ... Dr. Clint Earnshaw Tom Hallick ... Jeff Adams Francine York ... Dr. Helen Sanders Booth Colman ... Dr. Amos Cummings Richard Basehart Runtime: 78 min Country: USA Language: English Year:1976