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Will Play On All US And Canada DvD Players! Classic Seventies VT Drama at it's suspenseful best from one of Television's best-ever writers Highly popular and critically acclaimed in its time, 'Thriller' attracted a high calibre of stars. With tales featuring foreign agents and time bending serial killers (and all points in between), 'Thriller' set a new benchmark for quality horror in the 1970s.

This set contains the complete run of 43 episodes (6 series).

Series 1: 1. Lady Killer 2. Possession 3. Someone At The Top Of The Stairs 4. An Echo Of Theresa 5. The Colour Of Blood 6. Murder In Mind 7. A Place To Die 8. File It Under Fear 9. The Eyes Have It 10. Spell Of Evil

Series 2: 1. Only A Scream Away 2. Once The Killing Starts 3. Kiss Me And Die 4. One Deadly Owner 5. Ring Once For Death 6. K Is For Killing 7. Sign It Death

Series 3: 1. A Coffin For The Bride 2. I'm the Girl He Wants To Kill 3. Death To Sister Mary 4. In the Steps Of A Dead Man 5. Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are 6. The Next Scream You Hear

Series 4: 1. Screamer 2. Nurse Will Make It Better 3. Night Is The Time For Killing 4. Killer With Two Faces 5. A Killer In Every Corner 6. Where The Action Is

Series 5: 1. If It's A Man; Hang Up 2. The Double Kill 3. Won't Write Home, Mum; I'm Dead! 4. The Crazy Kill 5. Good Salary, Prospects, Free Coffin 6. The Next Voice You See 7. Murder Motel

Series 6: 1. Sleepwalker 2. The Next Victim 3. Nightmare For A Nightingale 4. Dial a Deadly Number 5. Kill Two Birds 6. A Midsummer Nightmare 7. Death In Deep Water