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The Walking Dead - Frankenstein - 1970

The Walking Dead - Frankenstein - 1970
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The Walking Dead A gang of racketeers frames down-on-his-luck John Elman for murder. After a trial finds him guilty, evidence is brought forth proving his innocence.

Boris Karloff ... John Ellman Ricardo Cortez ... Nolan Edmund Gwenn ... Dr. Evan Beaumont Marguerite Churchill ... Nancy Runtime: 66 min Country: USA Language: English Year:1936 Frankenstein - 1970 Baron Victor Von Frankenstein has fallen on hard times; he was tortured at the hands of the Nazis for not cooperating with them during World War II and he is now badly disfigured. As his family's wealth begins to run out, the Baron is forced to allow a TV crew shooting a documentary on his monster-making ancestors to film at his castle in Germany. However, the Baron has some ideas of his own: using the money from the crew's rent he buys an atomic reactor and uses it to create a hulking monster, transplanting his butler's brain into the thing and using it to kill off the crew for more spare parts.

Boris Karloff ... Baron Victor von Frankenstein Don 'Red' Barry ... Douglas Row Jana Lund ... Carolyn Hayes Tom Duggan ... Mike Shaw Charlotte Austin ... Judy Stevens Runtime: 83 mins Year:1958