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The Thirsty Dead / Swamp Of The Ravens

The Thirsty Dead / Swamp Of The Ravens
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Beautiful young girls are kidnapped off the streets of Manila by a death cult that needs their blood to remain immortal. Jennifer Billingsley ... Laura Judith McConnell ... Claire John Considine ... Baru Tani Guthrie ... Ranu Fredricka Meyers ... Ann Chiqui da Rosa ... Bonnie Runtime: 88 min Country: USA | Philippines Language: English Year:1974 The Swamp of the Ravens Swamp of the Ravens is a rather strange film that appears to have been made in Ecuador, although in the opening credits it references Madrid, so maybe it's a Spanish film made in Ecuador. Gaspar Bacigallipi (as Gaspar Galupi) Marcia Bichette ... Simone César Carmigniani (as Cesar Carmichael) Melba Centeno (as Melba Senta) Bill Harrison Runtime: 83 min Country: Spain | Ecuador Language: English Year:1974