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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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This made-for-television adaptation doesn't waste time with preliminaries. Within 15 minutes of its opening, Dr. Henry Jekyll has already experimented on himself with a concoction that he'd hoped would neutralize his baser instincts but which releases without inhibition his long-repressed animal inclinations.

Jack Palance ... Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde Denholm Elliott ... Mr. George Devlin Leo Genn ... Dr. Lanyon Torin Thatcher ... Sir John Turnbull Rex Sevenoaks ... Dr. Wright Gillie Fenwick ... Poole Elizabeth Cole ... Hattie (as Liz Cole) Duncan Lamont ... Sergeant Grimes Paul Harding ... Constable Johnson Oskar Homolka ... Stryker Tessie O'Shea ... Tessie O'Toole Jeanette Landis ... Liz (as Jeannette Landis) Liza Creighton ... Billie Billie Whitelaw ... Gwyn Thomas Runtime:120 min Country:Canada | USA Language:English Year: 1968