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The Slumber Party Massacre ( Widescreen )

The Slumber Party Massacre  ( Widescreen )
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An eighteen-year-old high school girl is left at home by her parents and she decides to have a slumber party. There is friction between some of the invited guests and the new girl, who is better at basketball than they, so the new girl decides to stay at home (which is conveniently across the street from the host's house). Meanwhile, a murderer of five people with a propensity for power tools has escaped and is at large, and eventually makes his way to the party, where the guests begin experiencing an attrition problem, with only the new girl to help them Michelle Michaels ... Trish Devereaux Robin Stille ... Valerie 'Val' Bates Michael Villella ... Russ Thorn Debra Deliso ... Kimberly 'Kim' Clarke Andree Honore ... Jackie Gina Mari ... Diane (as Gina Smika) Jennifer Meyers ... Courtney Bates Joseph Alan Johnson ... Neil David Millbern ... Jeff Jim Boyce ... John Minor Pamela Roylance ... Coach Rachel Jana Brinke Stevens ... Linda Rigg Kennedy ... Mr. David Contant Runtime:77 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1982