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The Linda McCartney Story

The Linda McCartney Story
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Telefilm based on Danny Field's biography about photographer and activist Linda Eastman McCartney and her 30-year relationship with musician Paul McCartney, beginning as the Beatles headed toward their breakup and ending in 1998 with Linda's death from breast cancer at age 55 .

Elizabeth Mitchell ... Linda McCartney Gary Bakewell ... Paul McCartney David Lewis ... Danny Field Nicole Oliver Tim Piper ... John Lennon Matthew Harrison ... Mick Jagger Aaron Grain ... Jim Morrison Jenafor Ryane Moya O'Connell ... Heather McCartney Alexander Ruurs ... James McCartney Michelle Skalnik George Segal ... Lee Eastman Chris Cound ... George Harrison Michael McMurtry ... Ringo Starr Runtime:90 min Country:Canada | USA Language:English Year: 2000