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The Disappearing Act

The Disappearing Act
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WHEN VIOLENCE LOOKS THIS INNOCVENT, YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER…"Carolyn has it all: beauty, brains, and personality. But she has the temper of a serial killer." That’s the verdict of Tim Dolan on his glamorous blonde fiancée, Carolyn – shortly before he disappears under mysterious circumstances. Tim’s mother, Faye is convinced that something dreadful has happened to her son. But, who could believe that someone so seemingly loving and innocent as Carolyn could be capable of harming her fiancé, especially when she tearfully reveals that Tim was the violent partner in their relationship? As damning evidence builds up, however, a very different picture of Carolyn emerges – and Faye must prove that behind Carolyn’s beauty and innocence lie the instincts of a killer. This sensational true story – which closely parallels the Tracey Andrews "road rage killer" case, in which another glamorous blonde who pleaded innocence was convicted of the frenzied murder of her boyfriend – stars two award-winning actresses: PATTY DUKE (Oscar®-winner for The Miracle Worker) and KELLY ROWAN Actors: Patty Duke, Kelly Rowan, Robert Floyd, Rosemary Dunsmore, Dave Nichols Language: English Year: 1998