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Curse of the Faceless Man Widescreen / Fullscreen

 Curse of the Faceless Man    Widescreen / Fullscreen
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A petrified body is discovered at Pompeii. He has been found to be a gladiator wearing a bronze medallion with Etruscan writing on it. An Italian archeologist, Maria Fiorillo (Adele Maria), believes that the robust body is still alive, but Dr. Paul Mallon (Richard Anderson) does not believe her. But every time someone is left alone with the body, they die of crushed skulls. Maria begins to have strange visions and believes that what she knows about the "faceless man" is true. * Richard Anderson (Dr. Paul Mallon) * Elaine Edwards (Tina Enright) * Adele Mara (Maria Fiorello) * Luis Van Rooten (Dr. Carlo Fiorello) * Gar Moore (Dr. Enricco Ricci) * Felix Locher (Dr. Emanuel) * Jan Arvan (Renaldi the police inspector) * Bob Bryant (Quintillius Aurelis aka the "Faceless Man") Year: 1958