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The Black Cat / The Raven

The Black Cat  / The Raven
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Two young honeymooners, Peter and Joan Alison, are vacationing in Hungary when they learn that due to a mix up in the reservations, they must share a train compartment with Dr. Vitus Werdegast (Béla Lugosi), a psychiatrist. The doctor explains that he is traveling to see an old friend, Hjalmar Poelzig (Boris Karloff), an Austrian architect. Werdegast had left his wife to go to war 18 years ago, and has spent the last 15 years in an infamous prison camp. Later, when the car the three share crashes and Joan is injured, they take her to Poelzig's home, built upon the ruins of Fort Marmorus, which Poelzig commanded during the war. After Werdegast treats Joan's injury, he accuses Poelzig of betraying the fort to the Russians, resulting in the death of thousands of Hungarians. He also accuses Poelzig of stealing his wife while he was in prison. Poelzig plans to sacrifice Joan Alison in a satanic ritual. # Boris Karloff (as "KARLOFF") - Hjalmar Poelzig # Béla Lugosi - Dr. Vitus Werdegast # David Manners - Peter Alison # Julie Bishop - Joan Alison (as Jacqueline Wells) # Egon Brecher - The Majordomo # Harry Cording - Thamal Year:1934