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The Big Mouth ( Widescreen )

The Big Mouth  ( Widescreen )
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Crazy-man Jerry Lewis is funnier than ever in this laugh-filled screwball comedy that features bubbly Susan Bay and Buddy Lester. Lewis gives a zany performance as Gerald Clamson, an eccentric fisherman who lands a phenomenal catch--a frogman who looks just like him! The frogman is searching the seas for sunken treasure, and just as he hands Lewis a map to the diamonds, a gang of thugs in a power boat sends the Lewis-look-alike straight for the Deep Six! Lewis becomes hooked on finding the loot, and his lazy day of fishing turns into a non-stop nautical nightmare as he finds himself trailed by gooney gangsters, two attractive floosies, Suzie (Bay) and Bambi (Jeannine Riley), and the cops who think he's the "wet-suit" bandit. Fortunately, the ingenious Lewis fools them all by donning a false set of buck teeth, glasses and an old tweed suit in this outrageous adventure you really should see...just for the halibut! JERRY LEWIS as "THE BIG MOUTH." co-starring HAROLD J. STONE, CHARLIE CALLAS, BUDDY LESTER. And introducing SUSAN BAY. Screenplay by JERRY LEWIS and BILL RICHMOND. Story by BILL RICHMOND. Year:1967