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Small Sacrifices Uncut

Small Sacrifices Uncut
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The small screen treatment of author Ann Rule's best-seller is all the more gut-wrenching because this really happened, a self-absorbed mother whose horrific act of violence against her own children (all for a boyfriend who, it turned out, couldn't wait to unload her?) commanded overdue attention to the threat to children in their own homes. For anyone still unconvinced by "The Burning Bed" that Farrah Fawcett can act better than she can jiggle, they won't be with this one. Fawcett is superlative in getting across the pathological selfishness of Diane Downs and how her children paid for it. The performance was, for Fawcett, a richly earned Emmy nomination. Despite more than ample supporting acting by the likes of John Shea, et al, Fawcett carries this production and highlights it with an indelible emotional wallop. This is an important social piece, much as is "The Burning Bed" remains, and forces us to examine our childrens' safety in a new light. Read Rule's book for background to appreciate the production's faithfulness to its subject matter. Despite that wrenching subject matter, the film gives us some comfort in knowing that the justice system worked this time Actors: Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O'Neal, Gordon Clapp, John Shea, Emily Perkins Directors: David Greene Writers: Ann Rule, Joyce Eliason Producers: Charles W. Fries, Louis Rudolph, S. Bryan Hickox, Suzanne De Passe Format: Color, NTSC Number of discs: 1 Rated: NR Not Rated Studio: Anchor Bay DVD Run Time: 159 minutes