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Silent Running (Widescreen )

Silent Running   (Widescreen )
Item# Silent-Running---Widescreen-1

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Freeman Lowell looks after plants in giant space greenhouses. Back on earth, all the trees have long vanished, so Lowell puts a lot of heart into his work. When orders from earth are received to destroy the greenhouses, Lowell can't go through with it, and cannot persuade his three colleagues to help him save the plants, so he makes other "arrangements".

Bruce Dern ... Freeman Lowell Cliff Potts ... John Keenan Ron Rifkin ... Marty Barker Jesse Vint ... Andy Wolf Mark Persons ... Drone 2 - Huey Steven Brown ... Drone Cheryl Sparks ... Drone 1 - Dewey Larry Whisenhunt ... Drone Runtime:89 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1972