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Item# scared-to-death

Product Description

A series of hideous murders is taking place, and Inspector Capell and cop-turned-novelist Lonergan are investigating. The murders are found to be the work of an out-of-control experiment in genetic engineering. The two men must descend into the city's sewer systems to destroy the horrific miscreation. It won't be hard to find, as it's already looking for its next victims... John Stinson ... Ted Lonergan Diana Davidson ... Jennifer Stanton Jonathan David Moses ... Detective Lou Capell (also as David Moses) (as Jonathan David Moses) Toni Jannotta ... Sherry Carpenter Walker Edmiston ... Police Chief Dennis Warren Pamela Bowman ... Janie Richter Mike Muscat ... Howard Tindell (as Michael Muscat) Freddie Dawson ... Virgil Watson Tracy Weddle ... Kathy Sperry Joleen Porcaro ... Kelly - Victim #5 Joseph Daniels ... Michael, roller skater Stephen Fanning ... Scott, roller skater Greer Justin ... Sandy, rollerskater Runtime:93 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1981