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Item# rattlers

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A large number of chemically altered rattlesnakes become fearsome killers in this TV chiller. The tale is set in the Mojave Desert and centers upon Sam Parkinson, a noted zoologist, who has come to investigate a series of strange deaths that began with two dead children found near their parents' campsites. Sam Chew Jr. ... Dr. Tom Parkinson (as Sam Chew) Elisabeth Chauvet ... Ann Bradley Dan Priest ... Colonel Ronald Gold ... Captain Delaney (as Ron Gold) Al Dunlap ... General Dan Balentine ... Pilot Gary Van Ormand ... Woodley (as Gary Van Orman) Darwin Joston ... Palmer (as Darwin Jostin) Cary J. Pitts ... Sergeant (as Cary Pitts) Eric Lawson ... Guard Tony Ballen ... Sheriff Gates Richard Lockmiller ... Deputy Jo Jordan ... Mother Scott McCartor ... Rick (as Scott McCarter) Tip McClure ... Plumber (as Tipp McClure) Runtime:82 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1976