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"The Invaders" First Season 5 Disc

"The Invaders" First Season 5 Disc
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David Vincent, an architect returning home after a hard, hard, day parks his car in an old ghost town in order to rest for a while before continuing on home. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, something wakes him: a strange object, nonhuman, that is landing in front of his eyes. From this moment he will be trying to persuade a skeptical world that the invasion of our planet is going on, that the nightmare has begun... Roy Thinnes ... David Vincent Year: 1967 17 hour episodes of THE INVADERS. The late 1960s TV show that sent chills up the spine of everyone watching Tuesday night prime time TV. It was a Quinn Martin Production and had shades of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS as Roy Thinnes witnesses an alien landing. He discovers that they're here to take-over and no one will believe him....but the aliens who endlessly persue him. Frightning and exciting. The saucer in the show also became a popular Aurora model kit! Plus on this DVD - A new Roy Thinnes interview and intros to every episode. Larry Cohen commentary on "The Innocent" episode, and an extended alternate 60 minute version of "Beach Head" pilot episode,