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Project X W/S

Project X   W/S
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Classic Sci-Fi thriller produced and directed by cult filmmaker William Castle (The Tingler). A secret agent, Christopher George (TV's The Rat Patrol) is brought back from cryogenic suspension after surviving a plane crash during a mission. Through a complex scientific charade he is convinced that he's a gangster living in the year 1968, the plan is for George to uncover a secret germ formula that had been hidden away years earlier. But the vital memories are being suppressed, so the authorities use ultra-advanced technologies to uncover the secret. The film boasts top-notch special effects and a cast of great character actors that includes Henry Jones, Harold Gould and Monte Markham. Actors: Christopher George, Greta Baldwin, Henry Jones, Monte Markham, Harold Gould. Run Time: 97 minutes. Year: 1968