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Item# prehistoric-women

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Tigri (Laurette Luez, working her way up to Bomba and Bowery Boys films) and her stone-age girl friends hate all men, but realizing they are a necessary evil, capture some for potential (strictly business, no recreation allowed) husbands. Engor (Allan Nixon, working his way down to the Mesa of Lost Women) escapes and, in his travels, discovers fire. This comes in handy later, after he has been recaptured by the women, when he drives off a dragon, or something, with his new discovery. This little feat has the effect of making the women realize their rightful subservient position, and he and Tigri have a primitive (non-catered) wedding, and go off to start a new tribe of fur-wearers. Laurette Luez ... Tigri Allan Nixon ... Engor Joan Shawlee ... Lotee Judy Landon ... Eras Mara Lynn ... Arva, the usurper Jo-Carroll Dennison ... Nika Kerry Vaughn ... Tulee Tony Devlin ... Ruig James Summers ... Adh (as Jim Somers) Dennis Dengate ... Kama Jeanne Sorel ... Tana, mother of Tigri Johann Petursson ... Guadi the Giant John Frederick ... Tribe Leader (as John Merrick) Janet Scott ... The Wise One David Vaile ... The Commentator (voice) Runtime:74 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1950