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The sexy nurse Monika has a problem, she is dragged between two lovers one alive and one dead. The one alive lover is handsome and trustworthy but is he as good in bed as the dead (and rotting) Rob ? Monika M. ... Monika Mark Reeder ... Mark rest of cast listed alphabetically: Lena Braun ... Porno-synch girl Jörg Buttgereit Carola Ewers ... Nekro-gang member Astrid Ewerts ... Nekro-gang member Florian Koerner von Gustorf ... Drunk at bar Käthe Kruse ... Actress in film playing at cinema Eva-Maria Kurz ... Nekro-gang member Daktari Lorenz ... Robert in flashback sequence (archive footage) Beatrice Manowski ... Betty (as Beatrice M.) Wolfgang Müller ... Actor in film playing at cinema Petra ... Nekro-gang member Franz Rodenkirchen Vanessa Salata ... Girl at bar Runtime:104 min Country:Germany Language:English / German Year: 1991