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Mothra W/S

Mothra   W/S
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Shipwreck survivors are found on Beiru, an island previously used for atomic tests. Amazingly free of radiation effects, they believe they were protected by a special juice given to them by the natives. A joint expedition of Rolithican and Japanese scientists explores Beiru and discovers many curious things, including two women only a foot high. Unscrupulous expedition leader Clark Nelson abducts the women and puts them in a vaudeville show. But their sweet singing contains a telepathic cry for help to Mothra, the gigantic moth worshiped as a goddess by the island people. Mothra seeks the women in Tokyo, wreaking the usual havoc and special effects. Frankie Sakai ... Journalist Senichiro 'Sen-chan' Fukuda (AKA: 'Bulldog') Hiroshi Koizumi ... Dr. Shin'ichi Chj Kyko Kagawa ... Photgrapher Michi Hanamura Ken Uehara ... Dr. Harada Emi Ito ... Shobijin (Twin Fairy) Ymi Ito ... Shobijin (Twin Fairy) Jerry Ito ... Clark Nelson Takashi Shimura ... News Editor Country: Japan Language: Japanese or English Language Year:1961