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Item# monolith

Product Description

This lovely little piece of the B movie genre returns to the basic formula of a mismatched cop team against the evil conspiracy and the ultimate evil alien life force. What makes it fun to watch is the startlingly high quality of actors cast in the piece. From Bill Paxton to Louis Gossett jr and on, the actors play their parts earnestly in the face of galactic cheese. John Hurt's magnanimous performance as a homicidally lunatic master conspirator adds spice to the movie that a lesser actor would have merely delivered flat. Watching Paxton and Lindsay Frost work each others nerves leaves the question as to whether Frost's character is really gay and is planning on going bi in order to bed the disreputable Paxton. This is not high art, it is a burger and fries and a good laugh on a friday night. I highly recommend this movie not for its vaunted script or artistic content (although kudos on its artistic license with reality;)) but for the fact that when you're in the mood to watch something and can't figure out what this is the movie you will reach for over and over and over again;) Comfort food for you movie fix! Actors: Bill Paxton, Lindsay Frost, John Hurt, Louis Gossett Jr., Paul Ganus Directors: John Eyres