RARE Horror and Science Fiction Thrillers


Item# mirage

Product Description

An accountant's memory suddenly becomes mixed up starting from the moment the building he is in has a power blackout. He is bewildered that he can't recall even simple particulars of his job and places he does remember don't exist. Believing he has some type of amnesia, he tries to backtrack what happened before the blackout. Aided by a rookie detective and confused by an old girl friend, he tries to make sense of inconsistent facts while people around him are being murdered.

Gregory Peck ... David Stillwell Diane Baker ... Shela Walter Matthau ... Ted Caselle Kevin McCarthy ... Sylvester Josephson Jack Weston ... Lester Leif Erickson ... The Major - Crawford Gilcuttie Walter Abel ... Charles Stewart Calvin George Kennedy ... Willard Robert H. Harris ... Dr. Augustus J. Broden Anne Seymour ... Frances Calvin House Jameson ... Bo, Old Man in Stairway Hari Rhodes ... Det. Lt. Franken Syl Lamont ... Benny, Apartment Attendant Eileen Baral ... Irene Neil Fitzgerald ... Joe Turtle Runtime:108 min Country:USA Language:English Year:1965