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Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy W/S

Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy   W/S
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Product Description

Fans of the old Mexican wrestling/horror films will get a kick out of this homage starring one of the greatest of the masked superheroes, Mil Mascaras. The Aztec Mummy, after being brought back to life by some plump acolytes, immediately launches into a plan to take over the world. But do not fear, Mil Mascaras, and an assortment of other masked Mexican grapplers, are here! There's more cheese in this picture than at the Velveeta factory, but it's all good. Veteran director Jeff Burr knows the material and manages to keep it breezy and fast moving. From the inane dialog to the illogical plotting to the low budget effects, this movie captures the feel of a near-forgotten, but much loved sub-sub genre.This is one for the fans and every one to Enjoy!!! Mil Máscaras Mil Máscaras ... Mil Mascaras Jeffrey Uhlmann Jeffrey Uhlmann ... Aztec Mummy / Robot Willard E. Pugh Willard E. Pugh ... Police Chief Richard Lynch Richard Lynch ... President of the United States Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Gary Ambrosia Gary Ambrosia ... Officer Guerrero Argozan Argozan ... Himself Michael Bearfoot Michael Bearfoot ... Henchman Who Attacks the Magister (as Michael Bearclaw) Steve Christopher Steve Christopher ... Mummy's Henchman Andrea Kennedy Andrea Kennedy ... Swimsuit Beauty Country: USA Language: English Year:2007