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In late Victorian London, Jack the Ripper has been killing and maiming actresses in the night. The Burtons are forced to take in a lodger due to financial hardship. He seems like a nice young man, but Mrs. Burton suspects him of being the ripper because of some mysterious and suspicious habits, and fears for her beautiful actress niece who lives with them.

Merle Oberon ... Kitty Langley George Sanders ... Inspector John Warwick Laird Cregar ... Mr. Slade Cedric Hardwicke ... Robert Bonting Sara Allgood ... Ellen Bonting Aubrey Mather ... Supt. Sutherland Queenie Leonard ... Daisy - the maid Doris Lloyd ... Jennie David Clyde ... Det. Sgt. Bates Helena Pickard ... Annie Rowley Runtime:84 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1944