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Item# killer-barbys

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The Killer Barbies van breaks down so they have to stay at a castle owned by a woman who bathes in blood and semen. Less of an actual movie than an overlong music video. This is quite the chore to get through. Horrid acting, boring clichéd lackluster plot, lame special effects, and a general putrid stench all add up to a horrible experience... even for a Jess Franco film (Franco fans, are of a different breed and have a much MUCH higher tolerance for cinematic crap) Followed by a (why god? WHY???!!??) sequel. Santiago Segura ... Baltasar Mariangela Giordano ... Condesa (Countess) Aldo Sambrell ... Arkan (as Aldo Sanbrell) Charlie S. Chaplin ... Mario Silvia Superstar ... Flavia Carlos Subterfuge ... Rafa Angie Barea ... Sharon Billy King Pepa López ... Pipa Alberto Martínez ... Pipo Runtime:USA:87 min Country:Spain Language:English Year: 1996