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Jungle Captive

Jungle Captive
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Actors: Otto Kruger, Vicky Lane, Amelita Ward, Phil Brown, Jerome Cowan Directors: Harold Young Writers: Dwight V. Babcock, M. Coates Webster Producers: Morgan Cox Format: Black & White, Closed-captioned, Color, NTSC This video is 64 minutes long and was released on June 29, 1945. This film marks the last installment of Paule Dupree (The Ape-Woman) trilogy and it is also the longest of the three. The movie picks up where Jungle Woman left off. Dr. Stendahl sends his henchman Moloch to retreive the body of the ape-woman so he can conduct his experiments on her. There are very little special effects in this movie and gone is Acquanetta; who played Paule Dupree in the first two. Vicky Lane plays Paula in the final movie. If you are going to buy the movie to complete your ape-woman collection, go for it. If not, rent it first before buying.