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It Happened at Nightmare Inn AKA A Candle for the Devil

It Happened at Nightmare Inn AKA A Candle for the Devil
Item# it-happened-at-nightmare-inn-aka-a-candle-for-the-devil

Product Description

At the Two Sisters Inn, Marta (played by Aurora Bautista) and her sister Veronica (Esperanza Roy) like to keep things nice and quiet. AND MORAL! When one of their guests decides to sunbathe topless on the roof, Marta chastises the young lady and then accidentally pushes her down the stairs to her death. Then Laura (Judy Geeson) shows up. She was supposed to meet her sister (the dead sunbather) at the inn but the sisters tell her that she has already left. A new guest named Helen (Lone Fleming) shows up and she is a wanton slut, at least in the eyes of the sisters.

Helen and Marta have a rather unpleasant discussion and Marta takes its bloody outcome as a sign from God. So, with the meek Veronica in tow, Marta starts eliminating their female guests who partake in the sins of the flesh because they think that is what God wants them to do. People keep disappearing and Laura becomes more and more suspicious about what is going on at the inn. With the help of her dead sisterís friend Eduardo (Victor Alcazar), Laura tries to get to the bottom of whatís going on. But let me tell you, she ainít gonna like what she finds! Starring Judy Geeson, Aurora Bautista, Esperanza Roy, Victor Alcazar, Lone Fleming, Blanca Estrada Language : English Run Time 120 mins.. Year: 1973