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Item# immortals-the

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A crafty nightclub owner (Jack) brings together a group of small time hoods and teams them up in unusual pairs (black man and white racist, Ivy Leaguer and simpleton) for a set of multiple heists which turn out to be an elaborate double cross against a notorious gangster (Domenic). The second half of the film is an extended standoff in the nightclub between Jack and his band of thieves and Domenic's henchman, during which the thieves discover why Jack brought them all together for what amounts to a suicidal mission.

Eric Roberts ... Jack Joe Pantoliano ... Pete Tunnell Tia Carrere ... Gina Walker Tony Curtis ... Dominic Baptiste Clarence Williams III ... Benny Hayes William Forsythe ... Tim James Chris Rock ... Deke Anthony Kevin Bernhardt ... Billy Knox Kieran Mulroney ... Kerry DeVain Brian Finney ... George Daniels Michael Paul Chan ... Mifune Alex Meneses ... Cleopatra Oleg Vidov ... Junkyard Owner Runtime:98 min Language: English Country:USA Year: 1995