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I Desire aka Desire the Vampire Uncut

I Desire  aka  Desire the Vampire  Uncut
Item# i-desire--aka-desire-the-vampire-uncut

Product Description

David Naughton is David Balsiger, a law student who works at the local morgue to make ends meet. Hes just moved his sweet-natured girlfriend Cheryl Gillen (Marilyn Jones) into his apartment and life is Jim-dandy. Then a creepy priest (Brad Dourif) shows up to ID a dead body. David lets him into the morgue and goes back to his studies. When he goes back, the priest has disappeared and creepy shenanigans ensue. Enter Detective Jerry Van Ness (Dorian Harewood), who thinks hes hot on the heels of a female serial killer who also likes lifting blood from the local hospital bank! No one wants to cry vampire, because you know, that would make you nuts, but the more David gets involved, the more he begins to believe the wanted femme fatale is a bloodsucker.David Naughton Dorian Harewood Marilyn Jones Barbara Stock Language: English Year:1982