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Howard the Duck ( Widescreeen Uncut Full Version )

Howard the Duck  ( Widescreeen Uncut Full Version )
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A scientific experiment unknowingly brings extraterrestrial life forms to the Earth through a laser beam. First is the cigar smoking drake Howard from the duck's planet. A few kids try to keep him from the greedy scientists and help him back to his planet. But then a much less friendly being arrives through the beam...

Lea Thompson ... Beverly Switzler Jeffrey Jones ... Dr. Walter Jenning Tim Robbins ... Phil Blumburtt Ed Gale ... Howard T. Duck Chip Zien ... Howard T. Duck (voice) Tim Rose ... Howard T. Duck Steve Sleap ... Howard T. Duck Peter Baird ... Howard T. Duck Mary Wells ... Howard T. Duck Lisa Sturz ... Howard T. Duck Jordan Prentice ... Howard T. Duck Runtime:110 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 19886