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Hard to Die 1990

Hard to Die   1990
Item# hard-to-die---aka--sorority-house-massacre-3
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Five buxom and scantily clad women are left alone to take inventory at a lingerie company. The janitor is kind of spooky, and there are rumors about him being involved in a tragic incident a few years back, and he's giving them the heebie-jeebies. They accidentally open a mysterious package and something other-worldly escapes, and they must fend for their lives. Gail Harris ... Dawn Grant (as Robyn Harris) Karen Mayo-Chandler ... Diana (as Lindsay Taylor)

Deborah Dutch ... Jackie (as Debra Dare) Melissa Moore ... Tess Bridget Carney ... Shayna Toni Naples ... Sgt. Phyllis Shawley (as Karen Chorak) Jürgen Baum ... Lt. Mike Block Bob Sheridan ... Cop In Lobby Carolet Girard ... Fifi Latour Runtime: 77 min Country: USA Language: English Color: Color