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Great White AKA The Last Shark ( Widescreen Uncut )

Great White  AKA The Last Shark  ( Widescreen Uncut )
Item# great-white--aka-the-last-shark---widescreen-uncut-

Product Description

An enormous and angry 35 foot Great White Shark takes revenge on humans when they build a beach just for swimmers by a coastal town. After several shark attacks, and the Mayor does nothing to stop it, James Franisscus and Vic Morrow sail in pursuit to stop it. James Franciscus ... Peter Benton (as James Francicus) Vic Morrow ... Ron Hamer Micaela Pignatelli ... Gloria Benton (as Micky Pignatelli) Joshua Sinclair ... Mayor William Wells Giancarlo Prete ... Bob Martin (as Timothy Brent) Stefania Girolami Goodwin ... Jenny Benton (as Stefania Girolami) Gian Marco Lari Chuck Kaufman Gail Moore Joyce Lee ... Kelly Michaels, fourth victim Don Devendorf Country:Italy Language:English Year: 1981