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Goliath and the Barbarians w/s

Goliath and the Barbarians w/s
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Goliath and the Barbarians) is a 1959 peplum loosely based around the Lombard invasion of Italy in AD 568. As with many Italian peplums of the time, the English translation renames some of the characters (for example: "Emiliano" becomes "Goliath" in the English version).

This film was directed by Carlo Campogalliani. American International Pictures released the film in the US with a new score by Les Baxter. AIP invested $20,000 in the movie to help the producers complete it and were rewarded when it became a big hit.[1] Cast

Steve Reeves as "Emiliano" Chelo Alonso as "Landa" Bruce Cabot as "Alboin" Giulia Rubini as "Lidia" Arturo Dominici as "Svevo" Livio Lorenzon as "Igor" Andrea Checchi as "Delfo" Language English Year 1959