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Goliath & the Vampires w/s

Goliath & the Vampires  w/s
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Goliath's village is pillaged (the sacking of the village in this film was a bit more gory than in BARBARIANS), his beloved kidnapped along with all the village's fair damsels by a group of marauders doing the bidding of the evil, blood-drinking Kobrak. They throw the old or `useless' women overboard to the sharks, and drain the blood of the fair damsels for Kobrak. Goliath naturally goes to rescue his woman and kill Kobrak. Along the way, he throws lots of heavy things at soldiers, encounters the Blue Men (good guys), robots that `run on blood' (bad guys) and ends up having to fight himself when Kobrak takes on the appearance of Goliath. While I did find the film entertaining, it wasn't as much so as BARBARIANS. I also think there may be some scenes (or at least one) edited out; one early scene has Goliath jumping into the ocean to save a boy from a monster (looking like a giant sea horse); Goliath faces the beast, then the next scene is the boy recovering on the beach and Goliath coming ashore, triumphant... Gordon Scott Leonora Ruffo Jacques Sernas Gianna Maria Canale Rocco Vitolazzi Country: Italy Language English Release Date: April 1964