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Item# giant-claw

Product Description

Fear and panic are the keywords of this film. At every opportunity the narration attempts to make the audience feel this, but the sight of a giant bird doesn1t instil panic. The big bird eats airmen. We are told by a scientist something about anti-matter and how it must exist. Then we have to jump the credibility gap to believe that this bird came from an anti-matter universe, and so it has a force-field around it (?!). The physics makes no sense, neither does the logic. The bird attacks all the major cities and so there is world-wide panic. Why? one asks. Well one shouldn't ask. There is world-wide fear. Then martial law is declared around the world. Food and movement is controlled by the military, there is a curfew, and a range of other draconian measures. If people ignore these, they get eaten by the bird. We then see what science is about, as Mitch attempts to develop a strange gun. He fails many times, in true science tradition, we are told. Panic spreads to all corners of the Earth. No-one explains satisfactorily why there would be such panic. Not only panic but 'panic and nightmare terror'.

Runtime: 75 min Country: USA Language: English Color: Black and White Sound Mix: Mono Year: 1957