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Five Miles to Midnight

Five Miles to Midnight
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Lisa (played by the ever exasperating Sophia Loren) has tired of her immature, infantile husband, Bob (played by the always great Tony Perkins). Well, when Bob travels to Casablanca via plane and Lisa sees in the newspaper that it crashed with no survivors, she's relieved. But guess what? Unfortunately for her (but fortunately for us Tony fans), Bob didn't die! Well, Bob comes back to Lisa unbeknownst to anyone else and bullies Lisa into collecting the insurance money.

Sophia Loren ... Lisa Macklin Anthony Perkins ... Robert Macklin Gig Young ... David Barnes Jean-Pierre Aumont ... Alan Stewart Yolande Turner ... Barbara Ford (as Yolande Finch) Tommy Norden ... Johnny Mathilde Casadesus ... Mme. Duval, Concierge Billy Kearns ... Capt. Wade Barbara Nicot ... Regine Louis Falavigna ... Pharmacist Elina Labourdette ... Mme. Lafont Runtime:USA 110 min Country:France | Italy Language:English Year: 1962