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Fire Maidens from Outer Space

Fire Maidens from Outer Space
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After landing on the 13th moon of Jupiter, the men from Earth debark from their ship to find a forested area containing the last remnant of lost Atlantis: an old man named Prossus, a bevy of nubile young women eager for husbands, and -- The Creature. "The beast with the head of a man," laments Prossus. "It must be destroyed -- yet it is indestructible!" Anthony Dexter ... Luther Blair Susan Shaw ... Hestia Paul Carpenter ... Captain Larson Jacqueline Curtis ... Duessa Harry Fowler ... Sydney Stanhope Sydney Tafler ... Dr. Higgins Rodney Diak ... Anderson Maya Koumani ... Fire Maiden Owen Berry ... Prasus Richard Walter ... The Monster Language: English Country: UK Year: 1956