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Endangered Species

Endangered Species
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Thriller about a New York ex-cop and an attractive female sheriff who fall in love while investigating a string of mysterious cattle mutilations in a small Colorado town. Urich is great as Reuben Castle, the retired alcoholic police lieutenant out visiting the town with his tomboy daughter. At first he tries to stay out of the case but finds himself involved after the mysterious death of his friend Joe Hiatt, the editor of the local paper whose theories about black helicopters have aroused the ire of cattle baron Ben Morgan. Trying miserably to stay sober, Castle finds himself back in danger and in love, as he and the sheriff work together to get to the bottom of the mystery, encountering incredible danger and resistance from the frightened locals.

Robert Urich ... Ruben Castle

JoBeth Williams ... Harriet Purdue Paul Dooley ... Joe Hiatt

Hoyt Axton ... Ben Morgan

Peter Coyote ... Steele Marin Kanter ... Mackenzie Castle Runtime: 97 min Country: USA Language: English Year:1982