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Scientist Abbott Reeves is conducting time-travel experiments in the Mexican jungle. Reeves orders his assistant Dr Takada to decommission the half-human, half-cyborg Mandroid when Mandroid starts having flashbacks to his life as a human. Instead Takada helps Mandroid escape and tells him to seek out robotics expert Nora Hunter. Nora is surprised to find that Reeves, thought killed, is alive and that he has stolen her robotic designs to build Mandroid. She immediately sets forth on an expedition into the Mexican jungle, joined by Mandroid, the wily boatman Harry Fontana and Takada’s ninja son who has come to find his father. Fighting their way past Neanderthals brought back via Reeves’s experiments and river pirates, they eventually discover Reeves’s plan to go back in time and make himself the Emperor of Rome.

USA. 1986.Director – Peter Manoogian, Screenplay – Danny Bilson & Paul De Meo, Producer – Charles Band, Photography – Mac Ahlberg, Music – Bob Summers, Music Supervisor – Don Perry, Makeup Effects – Mechanical and Makeup Imageries Inc (Supervisor – John Carl Buechler), Production Design – Phillip Foreman. Production Company – Altar Productions/Empire.Cast:Denise Crosby (Colonel Nora Hunter), Andrew Prine (Harry Fontana), Patrick Reynolds (Mandroid), Conan Lee (Kuji Takada), Roy Dotrice (Abbott Reeves), Peter Schrum (Ray), Peggy Mannix (Bayou Betty), Tad Horino (Dr Takada) Sound: Stero; Language: English Year: 1986