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Drums of Fu Manchu 2 Disc

Drums of Fu Manchu   2 Disc
Item# drums-of-fu-manchu---2-dis2

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In order to gain complete control of the barbaric bond of Asia, the nefarious Fu Manchu (Henry Brandon) must acquire the fabled scepter of Genghis Khan. To find the lost tomb housing the scepter, he must first locate and assemble the Cardack segment, which will disclose the location of the tomb. Opposing him is his old nemesis, Sir Nayland Smith (William Royle) and Allen Parker (Robert Kellard). The adventures range from the United States to Asia, and contain some of the most fiendish cliffhangers ever put on film. Actors: Henry Brandon, William Royle, Robert Kellard, Gloria Franklin, Olaf Hytten Language: English Run Time: 269 minutes Year:1940