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Don't Go to Sleep

Don't Go to Sleep
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A prank played on a young girl by her sisters inadvertently results in her death during a car accident. The child comes back from the dead for revenge on her family. Frightening, eerie, creepy, and very ballsy for a tv movie from 1982 (produced by Aaron Spelling!). Current television MOW writers should hang their heads in shame when they compare the current disease-of-the-week drivel they churn out with this classic ghost story (written by actor Ned Wynn, son of actor Keenan Wynn). Director(s) Richard Lang Valerie Harper Dennis Weaver Ruth Gordon Robin Ignico Oliver Robins Kristin Cumming Claudette Nevins Writer(s) Ned Wynn Production Year 1982 Release Date 10 December 1982 in USA Genre(s) Mystery , Horror Plot Keywords Gurney, Falling Off A Roof, Pizza Cutter , Ghost, and Lamp Aspect Ratio 1.33 : 1 (Filmed in Color) Language(s) English Sound Mix Mono